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you agree with speaker boehner, repeal of obamacare with this election, with his re-election, is dead? >> no. as a physician i can tell you that the reason -- we're not opposed to the president's health care law because of the election, we're opposed because it is bad policy and bad for the patients across this land. we actually must get a handle on this spending in this country and in order to do that, it has to be thr medicare and medicaid reform an social security reform, all three programs under current law are destined for fewer. we need fundamental reforms to save and strengthen and secure the programs for this generation and, future generations, that is what really -- >> the election, yes, you still have the majority in the house but you lost the election on the presidential level, and you will not kill obamacare for the next four years. >> what at the election said is that the american people don't want unified government here in washington. they want divided government which means we have to get together and solve these remarkable challenges that we have, but they have to be
in esponse to presiddnt obama's re-election. it's all being done through an open forum section of allows citizens to create petitions aaout anything... and get an official resppnse from the white house... if they reach 25-thousandd supporting signatures! maryland's petition for gaining team. 16:49 if marrlaad were to becomeeitt own counttryy t's still going to be a one party country, and i woulln't like thaa either 56 561249 i think that the united ssates of americc ii the greetest country in the world and it's that way because ii's united ssates, so it should probably stay uniteddstates laughs 58 58maryland'' petition remains short of the 25-thousand mark. some may thiik maryland leaving tte unitee states s state would ake a áhugeááhit because of hhw tied maryland is to the feddraa governmenn. governmmnt.marrlann is thee recipiint of federal money per capita.the only states ahead alaska.roughly 3- federal wookers... which means if we left the u-s... they'd job.maryland also receives a johns hopkins university . receives a billion dollars each year... jjst for ressarch mitt romney
an rgument.he's being eld tonight at the countt &pdetention center. election day....s now hiitory...asmaryland voters..."make" hhstory. history.they... apppovedd legalize same sex to... - marriage....// john rydell... examines thepotential impact... of... that new law... law... "my daughter will grow uppin a state that recognizes fairress and dignity and respect for ffmily (cheers)baltiiore's mayor...is just one of many hailing the passage...of questionn6.it legalizes samm that personally impacts...some "we told them that weewant to be able to to have recognized the people who we love. we tolddthemmwhat it means to us and our famiiies and our children (cheers)"the law... wiil not force houses of pooship...to perform... same &psex marriages...if...it's againss... tte beliefs...of thee nstitution. but that's noottte case...aa the first unitarianchurch of baltimore. gay and lesbian oples for decades."rrv. ddvid carl olson...says those ceremonies...have not been recognized by the state. ut &phe says...that...will soon change. "they won't haveeto go to ddc. but they're familyyand fr
in his cabinet. cabinet. 3 a divvded congress plus a re-elected president obama -3 pould equallfinanciaa turmoil. the three mmjor iidices plunged on wednesday &pdue to oncerns over the looming fiscal uncertaiity. john lonski / senior economiit at moody's capittl markets:"...there is still an elevated levvl of uncertainny -3related to pooitics hat markets must deal with....'' house speakkr john boehner says he's open to putting politics aside and making a deel with the president o put the nntions finances in order. rep. john boehner / (r-oh) speaker of the house"...the preeident has signaled a willinggess to dootax reform to ower rates. republlcans 3 aacept new revenue if it comes froo rowwh nd refoom. so, pet's start the discussion -3 political analyst says tte &ppepublicans' willingness to come to terms on a deal could & be the result of public pressure.dr. danny hayee / 3 george washington university: "...it certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffere
.ll.... making ittthe - election daay.. will... be remembered ...as a watershed... poment... in... politics...///.it was also the day a howard county woman's tells us what else made this - storyyss unique.paul-- the duperre (due- parre) their second was due saturday, but waited ntil uesday to cast her alllt for bbrth. birth. 3&tuesday ornnng-- as america was prepariig forrdemocracy in action..oe duperre: "i'm usually criticaa of ppople who choose not tt vote, butt.. phhre re excuses."a columbia couple traded the ballot box por the hildbirth. brandon:: "i could rellteeto the caal. especialy with that call." chhef: yeah, it's not something that happens ery often..howard county f-d staaion 10... got he ccll from joe duperre at 3 a-m.joe puperre:"she told me, 'it's time. the babyys coming'.. brittany duperre: "in the bathroom. right there on he floor."it all happened in minutes.with brother jay tucked aaay sleeping... and parammdics en route... dad delivered.joe duuerre:"riggt whhn i urnnd, i saw the whole to do was pull the resttof the babb adrienne iris was born aa 3:
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water... for comments...// he... made.../ after... the... &pre-election of president obama...///.he... for... electing... mr. obama... hen... he reeerenced... the positive hurricane sandy... hadd..// pnn.. the president's campaign. campaign. good work for them, for amerrca. i'm so glad we had that ttrm last week becauue i think the sstrmmwas one of those things last weekk "ooh." no, politicallyyi shoulddsay, not in erms of hurting 3 people. 3 ttose comments coming in the early morning wednesday... following the president's & acceptance speech. hurricane ssndy killed more than a hundred people... left three million customers ithout power... and caused an pstimated 3-billlon doolars in damage. mattteww pologized for the remark last night... sayiigghe made the commenn at ttree in the morning... after being on tte air for ten hours. 3 common sense says football isn't just for the boys anymore. anymorr. same gorrdn starttd running as a way to &phhr strides turned i
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on the ballot durinn last week's election... buttsome of them would've nnver been up for public vote.... f ot for theestatt'' petition laws. somm laamakers are now questioning whether the state's requirements for brinnng an issueeto referendum... are too easy opponenns neededdto collect nearly 56-thoussnd signatures. and in each case -- they collected much more than that. thanks- innpart - t the internet. 11:27:21 "so perhhps the &pgeneral assembly might want t request that there actually be signatures."followinggthe election - the governor calledd the petition ppocess too easy... but he stopped short of vooing to try and change it. veterans day errmonies f the baltimore. includinn hhee in hundreds turned out at war memorialplaza... as veterans from all brancces oftte arred ffrces ere honored. those stephanie rawlings-blake...and lieutentant governor anthonyy innthe armyreservees (brown) "bbcause of your service, oor nation remmins theegreatest nation n worrd, and we owe each and everyyne of ou aadebt of gratitude for " that."ll. governoo brown served a tour of dutyin iraq several years
under on election day.what that 3 p3what thaa is... next.onn electionnday.sooething e did under fire... for an r-and-- on election day.what ttat nder - you're watching fox 45 gooo day baltimore. ((break 4)) 3 ((breaa 4)) &pbaltimore. x 45 good day ((break 4)) monday, november 12th 3 3 map joel map 3 3 we are following breaking news put of mt. vernon... whhre crews are oo the scene of a watermain break. on madison street and fallsway. joel d. smith... who is live - joel. 3 the man behind ooe of the most beloved childden's characters &pon t-v....is nder investigation this morningg. for allegedly having sex witt an underrge boo. boy.representttivee for "sesame street" say the puppeteer behind elmo.. kevin clash... is being accused of havinn an inappropraite relatiooship with a 16 year old.reps say the noww 23 year old contacted producers over the summer about the relationshhp.clash.. who is the alllgations but s takiig a llave of absence from the show.sesamm street says thatt elmo will, hooever continue tt be a part of the chhldren's program. 2... aftee a dominating aad-
leader from both paaties willing to oin me." but the election results, are producing a bit -3 of 'bbltway deja vu...'thee balance of power remainn the 3 wwiteehouse and senate..and republicans in charge of the house.many in connress will not be coming back ii the 113th congress. eighty-ssx lawmakers are retiring, lost or ran for aa iifeeent office. pricc: "i think what at the election aid is that the american peoppl don't want uniiied government here in washington. they want divided govvrnment, which means we have to et together and solve thesseremarkabll challengess thht we hhve."action will have to happen in the last tto months of 2012 - racing against the clock, their first real test -- aaerting the 'fiscallcliff.'hundreds of billions offdollarssof ttx increases and spending cuts autooattcally going into effect january firrt, unless the president and lawmakers reech a deal:boehner says: "we woo't solve the problem of our fisccl imbalance vernight and lame duck session of congress.. thh senate majority eader saad last week, "it's bettte -3
... firrt... press brrefing... since winning re-election... / president .... bbrack obama ...addressed the threat... of he 'fiscal cliff". cliff"" it includds... spending cuts.../ to... take affect ...in januaay- and run... over the next decade....//. t... wwold amount o sevvn iin widespread- / wulddbe - &paffectingg.. areas... suchhas defenss spending,.../ and... &punemployment benefits. obama: ":we can't just cut our way to prosperity, if we're serious bout reducing thh deficit we have to combiie spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiesttamericans to pay a little more in taxes. the presidenn... allo urred ccngress ...to extend... taxxcuts foo the middle classsnow...///. economisss warn... that... falling off the fiscal clifff./ ..could send the country ...back... into a reccssioo. here in maryland... they're noo assessing the financial and political fallout...if there's no agreement on debt reduction. as john rydell reports...ttaa couldresult in smaller ppycheeks...for ostmaryllnders. marylanders...
the 3 general assembly miggt want tt requiie that they be physical s" signaturess"following the election - the governor called easy... but he stopped short of vowing to try and change it. say the petitton for rent laws - referendum... is one of the few ways voters have any recourse in a state o one-sided politically. immmgratioo reform could be taking cennerrstage in washington again. again.senator charles schumer of new york says he and seeatorrlindsey graham of south carolina are set to pfficcally restart talks.they crumbled two years ago.schumer a plln that will appeal o all thinks it can get passed.the bipartisan plan has four key elements, including stronger border security, and a tough loveepath to citizenship or those aready here. thh iconic blueedress... oncc wwrn by judy garland in "the wizard of oz"... sells at aucti. auutiin.over thh weekendd.. an says it sold for 4-hundded-80- - old hollywwod were also auctioned off... including one of marilynnmonroe's skirrs... and a dress worn n "the sound coming up on the early pditton... congress... about to get back to work. work.th
by the increasingly partisan and heated rhetoric used by catholic bishopp leading up to this year's election. "iq: iis become increasingly apparent to us.... oq: are leaving the faith ovee it. 3 the petition was delivered by members of the non profit and the online community "faithful america." &pcatholic bishop says the church will never comply with the obama administration maadate to provide birth ccntrrl coverage in health insurrnce.cardinal timothy dolan says the ishhps are open tt talking wwth federal officials... but ill and in court.n legislatures "we stiil believe that the addinistrations assurances that they want to dialogue nd that they're willing to make some accomodations, we're still going to take them at accomplish that." that." houses of worship are exempt from the birth ontrro ruue. but rrligiously affiliated hospitall and non-profits aren''. dozens of cattolic suing over the mandatee an event to help the victims of hurricane sandy took place today inside the same cafeteria where a altimore county teen was shot backkin august.. . kkren parks... ssreaming of support... from s
he &pelected ooficials aae aware that thee're stealing from "....they may need the revenue but ot 40-dollars a time from people who need it more..." it turns out there's more han one problem at that spriig lane. in our cooer story tonight t ten....we uncover another thousands of mmttrists who have felt thh sting of ttat speed camera. jeff bell, fox 45, news at 5:30. a battle over trash is heating brookkyn park rrsidents arr voiiing coonerns over plans to miles from their homes. hundreds havee sgned a petttion... to get the incineratoo moved... hey ay it will produce toxinsslinked to serious health problems.... county executive john leopold is calling for public hearings ppevious case of fly-ass dumpin leopood: the marylaad dept of the enviionment did not adequately protect the health anddwellaae of theecitizens of thhs countyy,they have n not only failing t prrtect the hhalth but also giving adequate notiffcation.///butt too/"its not just the environment we're worried about, its how is this going tt get here, how mann truckk are going to have to come into oor arraaan
... . and... the election isn't over ffr some americans. theyyre reelection that they're ready to take their sttte and leavv the union. 31 states so far, white house tt secedeefrom the . union.most of those pptitions have a few huudred votes.but texas' petition has over 70- thousand.one of those 30 other state's mentioned that is &ptalking secession... louisian. 43-54i think it's ridiculous. honestly, i really do. it's really dumb. i feel like that's a little much. a little over the top. 100-111it neverrsurprises me, kiid of ridiculous. it's like y- &ppe're living on the far side, pr twilight zone, who knows. knows. the hite house stiil hhsn't commented n the petitions. 33 that's the subject of our question of theedayyshould states beeable to secede? secede? there'ssa heated debate on our facebook page tonighh. about this petition. be sure to like our page whhle you're there. frrm defensive llyer of the year to movie producce? janice park ... live... in... harbor east../. where... terrell showed off is new film entitled "the coalition". coalition".suggs has bee
alling this week's election áhistoriiá... buu the attorney general--a key position. he waans to talkkitt over with the president and his fammlyybefore making any decisiins. and then really ask myself the puestion about, you knnww do i pnough gs left in interesting and touuh ffur years, so i really jjst don't know." knoo." holder was sworn into office in two thousand nine...he's beccme a op target of republicans over the botched "fast and furious" gun . better days ahead ahead 3 3 33 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 3ahead ahhad bbtter daas better days ahead ahead 3 3 3 3 3 he... p fox45... family... grew thhs morning.../ not... . but... by tww.- two. karen came into the world at four - pounns 12-ounces. than his brooter grayson.. who ii on the right.. graysoo s three pounds 10- ouncee. karen... and herrboys are doing fine tonight. we want to say ccngratuuationssto kkren and her hussand hugh. 3 a pilot takes offf n learninggfrom surveillance - video and theereason he waa on the rrn.... dollar deals48:20 i love the deals...but some of them... mayybe
trauma, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. 3 the... most... expensive election... in... american history... 3 president barack obbma... won... a... secood term... in office a... look at the numbers.../// lib>here's... a... look... aa the mmp.../// the... preeident... won... every... ssing stttt... except... northh arolina..../,3 áfloridaá... &phas... et to be decided...// deccded...//18-21 "you voted & for action, not politics as usual." -3 usual." 3pddressing... -3 a... crowd... oo... supporters in chicaao -///president obama - vowed... to bring... both parties ttgether.../ while... mitt -3 romney... &ptoll... his supporterss../ & commander in chief... has... success... peading the nation. 3 33-41 "whhther i earned your vote or not, have listened to you.. i have learned from better presidenn." president."101-109"i believe thhs nation was founded
of a bitter election season with a party... or by toosiigg all those political mailers. guns. are running out to buy - why? tacey cohan joins us live from washington with the s. story.good morning, stacey. - is all thii gun coming up....ed? - we have another winner... in if you haven't scored a 100- dollar visa gift card yet... your next chance is just minutes from now. and what do you get when you mix cats and dogs... withh popular drinks?the answer... coming up in our hometown morning news.. all local.. all morniig. &p((break 7)) morniig. &p((break 7)) morniig. &p((break 7)) now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5. some of the hottest stars in hollywood are in the spotlight this morninggfor some girls.. this is the best news they've heard in lonn time.candace is hereewith the big news froo the entertainment industry for the &pworrd are sqqealinggthis morning.. that's bbcause one of the most pooular
wipinggawwa pears while talking to hii headquarters the day afttr the election.he ggt emotional while telling ttem how proud he is of their work. &pobama says: "...becauseewhht you guys have done means that impootant. and i'm really proud of all of you. what you guys ápauseáácllppingá thh ppingá president went on to say thaa phen ppople ask him how he deaas with the stress of washington.. he alwayy thinkss of the staff that supports him. we arr ow getting mmrr information from the pentagon aaout aa attack on a u-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performing suuveillancc in international airspace.... east oo kuwait,. but he incidenttraiies fresh concerns wwthin the obama admiiistration about iranian military aggression in crucial gglf ool shipping lanes. seven navy seals are unished information o a viieo game. the pentagon they provided viieo game publisher n to he - electronic artt for the gaae "medal of honor."the company consulttnts on the game.the ssven were accus
kentucky...// would... have on thh election - / if... áonlyá.../ the mrs... voted for him. robert mcdonald inished in a pead heat tuusday with his challlnger-- fr a seat oo the walton city council. each candidate captured 669 vvtee -- mcdonald's wifee katie works nights at a local hospital... and didn't make itt to the polls because she wws l. sleeping. it wassmy job to wake her up. i didn't thiik it wws going to come down to that one vote so i chose to let her sleep and get her rest nddii came doww to thht one vote. because of the tie, the &pfinal seat on the council will be determineddby the flip of a mcdonalds... at the center of controvery.../ . over the ameriian flag..../ right after ...tuesday's eeection.... the flag was flying at hhlf staff ... áandá... upside down.../ a... symbol of... disttess..../ the... restauarant was bombarded ...with angry phone calls..../ but... the owner says... it was just a blown out ..of... proportion. pulley system is broken..../ p whhch ii why ...the flag ..
by the thousands... ever since losing the election.the "washingtoo post" repootssthat fans have been "unliking" rrmney's officiil page since thh results came out last week.ass of monday... hh's been losinn an average of 11 likes every minute.the good news is... rooney still hhs more than 12- million facebook fans and 1-point-- million folllwers on twitter. coming up on the eaaly edition... a cancer survivor gets inspired... by his prognos. prognosis.theeunique messaging service he's launched. 3 ((break 1)) 3 could coffee... eventually a new report... arabica coffee could be extinct by the year of climate changee all because change.sciintistsssay it's because the cofffe grown on most plantations... ccmes from that they don'' have the &pability to adapt to a shiftin of now... coffee prices are s &palready the highest they''e bben in 30 yearr... because of a combination of high demandd and poor arvests. ((2-shot toss to wwather)) 3 -3 3 weather)) ((ad lib meteoroooggst)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map 40 liberty greenspring mapmap 95 map 40 liberty greenspring map 3 3 3 still to com
one of 49-states calling for - re-election of president e to t barack obbma. the etitiin was preated on monday... ann is quicklyygaining steam. 16:49 if maryland wereeto become its own counttry it's still going to be a one party countryy and i woulln't like that either 56 561249 i think that the united states of america issthe uuited states,,so it should d probably stay united ssates paughs 58 respond to ll petitions that reach 25-thousand ssgnatures. but o far... it has not rrsponded to the petittons for secession. so... here's our question of the day...should maryland secede from the united states? 3 it is a split response on our facebook page tooight. search fox45 and look for ourr question of the day to check out what people are saying. tonight... poliie... are still looking for ... the ... stuntman... hh... is... calling himself... 'evil kenevil... of... bel air'' ssunt ...was shot... and posted ...on... you-tube. .../ it... shows a motorcyylist.../ ciicling... main street... in... bel air... and... then... using plywood ... to... la
. .../ an arizona woman reportedly obama's re-election is accused of taking her anger out on her husbbnd... by running himmover! over!caller: "he got out of the ar aad she wassscreaming aaay and she tarted driving g wouldn'' let him go. so d she - finally, he took off to ry and get away and she ran into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at her husband... when she found out he didn't vote. president or rrblems her family was goiig through... and was upset after learning heewon. "i just think it's completely silll that a marriage can get political. families should be g the woman is charged with asssult with a deadly eapon. her husbann is in the hospital with seriius internal injuriis. a massachusetts wwman is a violenttcraah -- that was caught on tape. tape.poolce say kristen howard prove through a supermmrket &pparking lot...over a sidewalkk.. and into traffic- hittiig another car. thee force of that crash ppshing the other car into a truck hauling a trailer. one perssn had to be takennto the hospital. howard is accused of ddiving uuder the influence of drugs
skywatch forecast.. emily 3- obama says: "this was a cennral quustion dring the ele. election.next on the late editionthe fiscal cliff... p..and possible tax there may be negotiation...and the one point the prrsident says he will nnt conceee... ...and the mount of damage this eer caused...whee he jumpeddinto frozee yogurt shhp... after the break &pthe... loominggthe... the... looming ...fissallcliff... threatenss ...to... raise taxes... on... áeveryá american.../ byy.. the beginning of next year...////today... ppesident... barack obamm... made hissposition... very clear.../nicole... collins... shows us... tte... president... and... republicans... may... negotiate negotiate 3 &p colllns, fox newss" agreement. in waahington, nicole collins, foxxnews." -3 a... deer... must have really wanted.... yogurt.this... is... surveillance video... at... a... yogurt shhp...///...and... throogh the window.../ - lamming... nto the wall../ thenn.. knocking over... tables and chairs.../ and... --- rrns... - the store.../. we''e
houseecoverup? whh those -a week. ng it to coogress ext 3 iis been four days since the election, and lorida has finally figured out who carrred the sunshine state. awarded that state'ss 9 electoral votes... votes... mchinesshave been churning through the ballo brings the finallelectoral ry - count to 332 for the presideet.....206 for former the drama may not be overr yet, somm states may be recounting at the demand of candidates ii ooher races. votees have given presideet obama a second term.peehaas over the next four years, the out sooe of the most ppoblematic issues wwth health carr rrform.jeff barnd exxlains hoo america's eelth care ssstem will change in the president's second term. improvv it where we can." to w - trt==08 president obama has a second term -- maybe a second chance that heaathcare reformmis &pworth the gamble.[sot n john guess is, if obama stays in the white houueeyou are going for new angles to challengg the law."trt=:09obama's crowning social achhevement...as the president providers, inssrance lth care companies, ccnsumers and hospitals.[graphic
the negotations for yeeteeday we told you about some online petitions in the wake of the presidential election.they come from angry ptates ho want their states to secede. secede.toddy we've leerned there is now a petition that comessfrom people here in maryland. and ts ourrquestion of the day. day.should maryland secede from the united states? william writes oo our facebook ,3 page..."maryland's too small it lacks the farming to sustain itself." itsell."and ronald -writes.... cooing?" plenty of response on the question and most people think its a ridiiulous idea. go... to... fox- baltimore dot comm.../ tell us... what you think.../..sound... off... hru... facebook.../. send... s... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to fox45a or yes.. / fox45b ffr no. facebook makes changes to its webbite... how the group says they are protecting ther very basic premise of the and where twin tornadoes formed and why their sightning is soorare. --adblib weather tz-- wwsteen japan have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going
will holddhis first press conference since his re-election. eleccion.he'll have a "q and a session" wwth members of the press assigned tt the white house..likell o be topics... the fiscal cliff... and the c-i-a shake up... innlight of general patreaus' affair. the meningitis outtreak that's killed 32 peopll nationwide and sickened hunnreds is he foccs of a house hearing in pharmacy n-e---c inn injections nowwconnected to the deadly outbreakklawmakers say their goal is to figure out who knew what -- and when. n-e-c-c's owner, the f-d-a ccmmissioner and massachusetts state board officials are all expected to testify. outlining plans to open tablee . gamessa news onfeeence will be held later todaa.ooficialsl will be discussing how tte casino floor will be peconfigured to fit more than 125 table games. maryland voters aaproved the gambling expansion tt allow abbe gamms last wwek. victoria's secret is apologizing today... for a fashioonfauxxpas at iis annual &pfashion show in nnw york. criticism... after one of its models sported a native american headdress on the runway.tribal members pokee o
. e... have yet to hear back... from either. it's our duty to hold elected do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you hhve a story about government wwste... caal our hotline...410-662-1456 you can also log onto our weesite fox baltimore dot com and click onnwaste watcc. ámethá...credited for fighting doctors say the toxic drug may - prrvide a cure in the futtre. a video you'd thh reason this bus driver said he hit a the consequencesshe's now and - facing. 3 aúó [ dollar ] that's me. l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. the... cleveland... bus &pdriver... whh uupercut... a. female passenger... in september... has been when... aatis hhghes ... - was caughtt punching... the unruly passenner in the face.../. hughes... ccaimed his actions... were in... sel
of the threat idn't warrant such aation. today... congress returns from a 77week election break... to pusiness.on the llst... is figuring out how to avoid the doobbe economic hit offtax increases and automatic spending uts to defeese and domestic programs. those cuts and thh issue may noo bb eeks - &presolved y year's end. &pannual thanksgiving holiday travel forecast this orning. the aato club offers its grounddand innthe air, as the - drivers hit the rrad during thanksgiving weee.tripll-a sayss t will also tell us what to expect in the way of gas prices, air fares and hotel its forecast numbers at reaaan national airporr at 10:45 a-m. 3 grab a book and start reading. the book escape outlet is selling books for 25 cent and inviting you out for a day of joins us for this mornings hometown hotspot. - tell us about the upcoming event.- will all books be 25 cent?- what else can we see poeey, music... and 25 cent books takks place november 15thhand takes ppace 255cent books poery, music... aad 25 cent books takes place november 15th and 16th. you on ttursday november 15th t ffr more
. it was a long election night oo tuesday .. buttit ended with victory millions of americans ho wanted him to continue the work he was doing. aftee a short celebration .. phe prreident is ack attwwrk and focussd on some veey immediate challenges. our d-c insider and politiccl commentator armstrong williams joins us for this week's washington wrap.-yoo were pretty sure president obama was goong to looe-the president wonnevery ssing state except norrh carolina-what's wrong with mitt romney or the republican party .. that now needs to beelooked at-congress was pretty blatant in saying their &pdone on behalf of the people - ... will they get past that 3&pcominggup... a waaning today... about a nnw service offered on "craigslist."what some peoppe are soliciting... that coold lead to major financial problems doww the line. ((megan live tease)) you're watching pox 45 morninggnews...all local.. all morningg ((break honoring our veterans.the practical way they are being remembered in baltimore this 3ear.on fox 45 neww at fiie - live look harbor 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway!" giveaway!"we're g
to allow taabe games last week. president obama will hold his pirst press conference since his re-election. election.he'll have a "q and a ppess assigned to the white the fiscal cliif... and the c-i-a shake up... in light of gennral patreaus' affair. p adoptingga pet is a big decision for a family. you animal, tte responsibility, and the cost. cost. that last part though, is not as iipoorant at the anne arundel county animal &pcontrol. jool d. smithhis live there this morning to adopt for free right now. gooddmorning joel dd 3 3 3 oxford american dictionaries announces the worddof the year or 2012..and it's "gif" this is one right here...giff stands for... graphics inttrchange forrat... and it turns 25 this year.it means a looped sequence made uppof muutiple frames. 3 of multiple frames.sequence made up it means a looped sequence made up of multiple frames. soon the donald could be hearing...'you're fired!" fired!"the job he could be canned fromm from. you're hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we co
lost the election.what he says president obama promised voters... that won him anothee term in office. offiiee you're watccing fox 45 3 toddlers and i-pads.why some say they are becoming addictee to the devices. tonight on fox 45 3 - the hhuse permanent select &pclosed hearing on the attack at the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya.- several washinggoo heavy hitters are pxpected to testify... - he will testiiy tomorrrw... 3 libertyymap 3 right now... altimore police are searching for the guumen who seriously injured a mother and killed her two sons. sons.police ssy they brrke into a home in west baltimmre and opened fire.megaa gilliland is at shock trauma for hee life.good morning, meea. megan. 33 mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is speaking out... following a string of misconnuct allegations against city police officers. offiiers.since friday... 33 city cops have been suspended... while criminal investtgations get underway. the hree suspensioos come shortly after áanotherá officer in the same unit... was charged last mmnth with mayor sayy it's important to pold officee
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